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Colchester & East Anglia Branch

Minutes from previous years can be viewed in the archives


Minutes for 2017

    Minutes of the of Colchester and East Anglia Branch RMPA

Thursday 2nd February 2017 at the Cpls Mess

156 Provost Company Goojerat Barracks Colchester


President: Lt Col (Retd) Robbie Silk MBE             Chairman: Mr Allan Adam

 Hon Secretary:  Mrs Wendy Adam                    Treasurer: Mr Ray Hansen MBE

Vice Chairman: Mr Dave Howard                             Members in Attendance:  60

Minute 1:   

Apologies: Mr Bill Pomery, Mr Peter Diplock, Mr Dennis Rensch and Mrs Yvonne Pye

            Welcome: Ms Pat Stark                                                                                                             

Minute 2: Diary of Events:

The Chairman spoke to the Branch and unit members present about this year’s diary of events, which included a discussion on the following events:

                  a.   Easter Egg Nominations – Easter Bonnet Parade – April

Easter Egg donations to Pensioners Homes with ex-Military connection.

                      b.   Guest Speakers - April Mr Brian Chenier on BLESMA & June Spec Ops organised by the

                            President or SIB.

                      c.   Visit to Wattisham Airfield 3rd May 2017- The coach will be leaving Clacton times TBC

                            and then pick up at the Unit Lines Colchester TBC and return 21.00 hrs.  

                      d.   Cheese and Wine – It was decided not to have the cheese and wine this year due mainly

                            to most members having to drive, the RSM proposed that the Unit host the evening

                            possibly a games night in June.

                      e.   The Branch Annual Dinner is on Saturday October 2017.  It was hoped that the Guest of   

                                    Honour this year would have been the PM Brig David Neal However he has informed the president    

                                   that he is unable to attend.

              The Chairman and President are now looking for another Guest to invite.

 Cost per person will be £25. Invites to extend to the OC, RSM and unit members.

f. RMP Field of Remembrance - At the Garden of Remembrance Westminster Abbey London at 12:00 and then onto the Royal Albert Hall Saturday 11/11/2017. The Chairman has volunteered to purchase all tickets at once so all seats can be together, preferably the stalls. He will need RBL Membership numbers to make purchase. The Treasurer will organise the coach      

Minute 3: The Chairman

                 a.    Replacement Welfare Officer The Chairman to contact John Graham.

b. Replacement for Web Master.

c. Recruitment for more members. Advertisement etc. Lt Col (Retd) Robbie Silk MBE to speak with Media Ops, The Secretary to organise advert on Suffolk Police Intranet site. The Chairman contact East Anglian Daily Times, Colchester Gazette, Clacton Gazette.

d. Charity Donations to stay at £30, Guest speakers £30.

e. Members signing into the Mess for Fire Regulations. The Chairman will print a copy of members names and the secretary will mark off members attending and give the list to the Cpl’s Mess Bar person for their records.

Minute 4: Treasurers Report:

The Treasurer spoke to all those present about the treasurer’s report and that the Charity Account was now closed. Any Charity donations will go from the Treasurers Account.  A full copy of the Treasurers report may be found attached to these Branch minutes.

                        Treasurers Account:    £912.32

                             Charity Account:    £692.02

Minute 5: Presidents Report

The President spoke to the Branch and unit members present and gave apologies that the PM is unable to attend the Annual Dinner  but hoped he would be able to attend the branch meeting in November which coincides with a visit to the unit. The president then mentioned that the annual visit to Wattisham airbase will be held on the 3rd May 2017.

Minute 6: Unit Report

Wo1 RSM Ben Thompson briefed the Members as to the future of RMP and in particular to 156 pro Coy RMP. He informed the Branch members that the unit would be moving into Merville Barracks within the next 5 years. Also the RMP Brigade was being restructured and 156 Pro Coy will come under 3 Regt RMP whose HQ would be in Bulford. The RSM went on to mention that the CPL’s Mess was due for renovation and that he was hoping that it would be ready for the March Meeting


Minute 7: Trips Out

a. Tower Of London Visit. Ceremony of the Keys, which is held at 21.30. Possibly Thursday with overnight stay at nearby hotel and organised trip to either Chelsea Pensioners or War Museum on Friday. Dates to be confirmed. The Chairman will speak with his contact and The Treasurer to contact hotels nearby for room availability and block booking and costing, also cost of the hire of the coach.

b. Overnight stay and visit to Arboretum. RMP and RMPA Parade on 03/06/2017. Usually hosted by Derby Branch. Possibly stay at Holiday inn, which is near to the Arboretum.

c. Sunday Lunch or BBQ / Hog Roast dates and costings to be confirmed.

d. Boat Trip possibly Norfolk Broads date to be confirmed in June or July. Possibly Lowestoft or Waldringfield. Ray to make contact for Prices and Times.

e. Corton Hall weekend September 8th /15th/22nd or 29th 2017

      The Chairman to contact Warners for prices of Group package  

f. Newmarket Races sponsored Poppy event Saturday 12th August VE Day Theme Day costs

      around £20 - £22 depending on numbers attending.

                  g.  Quiz Night 8th April 2017 in aid of BLESMA at St Giles Mason Hall 5 St John's Green,

                       Colchester CO2 7EZ

Meeting closed at 2025 hrs

Any Other Business

1. Volunteers for making sandwiches for next months meeting Karen Cameron and Dave Howard.

2. Members are reminded that the guest speaker for April Branch meeting is Mr Brian Chenier

Next meeting will now be the 6th April 2017