Robbie Silk Branch President

Branch  President : Lt.Col (Retd) Robbie Silk MBE

Robbie was born on 21 April 1950 and joined the Army on 3 January 1967 as an RMP Junior Leader at JTR Rhyl, at the ripe old age of 16 before joining the regular Army in 1968.  He completed RMP training at Chichester, passing out as the best male recruit, following which he was posted as a JNCO to 20 Armd Bde Pro Unit in Detmold, Germany and then to Korbecke with 6 Bde Pro Unit.

 He served his SIB attachment at Munster Det SIB in 1972 and on successful transfer to the SIB role and promotion to Sgt in 1973, he joined Bielefeld Det SIB BAOR.  Whilst in the ranks he served in many units as an SIB investigator in Germany, Cyprus, Northern Ireland and England. In 1985 while serving as the RSM with SIB Detmold, he was commissioned into RMP.

 As a Lieutenant he returned briefly to GPD and took up the appointment of Ops Officer 175 Pro Coy RMP in Northern Ireland.  Thereafter on promotion to Captain, he set up and commanded the first Drugs Intelligence Team at Bulford, for which he was awarded the MBE.  In 1988 he was appointed OC SIB Werl, and on promotion to Major he was posted as the Region Commander to Aldershot SIB, then moving rapidly back to  Bielefeld during 1992 at the OC Eastern Region SIB BAOR.

 In 1993, as a result of BAOR Drawdown, his post was transferred to Hereford, where he was appointed SO2 Pro (Inv) with Pro Branch HQ 1 (UK) Armd Div/1 RMP, also commanding the regiment for 11 months. After some four years and after ensuring that his post was transferred back to Bielefeld, in 1998 he moved to Colchester as OC 156 Pro Coy RMP.  He then joined the staff at HQ PM(A) as the SO2 police/law at Upavon, before escaping during September 2001 on promotion to Lt Col as the CO Joint Provost Unit and Provost Marshal, Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces on loan service (aptly named Op Silkman).  In December 2002 he returned to HQ PM(A) as the SO1 police/law, and on 3 November 2003 he realised his life long ambition and was appointed CO SIB Germany.

Robbie completed his military career on 20 March 2006, some months short of 40 years service. Married to Lyn with two sons who have since flown the nest, he is now employed in the East Anglia region.

Allan Adam - Secretary

Branch Chairman:  Allan  (Jock) Adam

llan joined the Corps in September 1975 and retired with the rank of Staff Sergeant in June 1998.

During his service he served  in a total of 12 units including periods in Hong Kong, Germany, Holland, North Ireland and Bosnia.

Whilst in the Corps, Allan was a keen sportsman winning almost 100 trophies.  He played Football, Rugby, Basketball, Cricket and Golf for the Royal Military Police and Basketball and Volleyball for the Army.

Allan worked for 17 years, as a civilian, for Essex Police as the Controlled Drugs Liaison Officer.  Following redundancy he retrained as a Bus Driver with Ipswich Transport.

Allan married his wife Wendy in August 1977 and they have one son, Antony.

Allan Adam - Secretary

Branch Vice Chairman : Dave Howard

Dave joined 116 Pro Coy RMP (V) in June 1975 and transferred to the Regular Army in Nov 1976.He served just short of 18 years being made redundant during the Phase 3 draw down in 1994.

During his service he had postings to Hameln, Sennelager, Osnabruck, RMPTC (Twice), Londonderry, BATUS (3X Med Man supporting local Battle Groups) Belfast,& was the RSI for the composite RMP Coy during the First Gulf War.

Upon leaving the Services Dave gained employment with Tesco Stores, where he worked until being made redundant in July 2013, and is now semi-retired.

Dave has been married to his wife Brenda since 1983 (who also served with WRAC Provost for nearly 10yrs and attained the rank of Sgt). They have 3 grown up children and have also been fostering children with Special Needs since 1999.

Although not appearing to be the athletic type Dave is a member of his local running club and has completed 25+ Marathons (Berlin being his Favourite) and countless Half Marathons, 10 Mile and various other distance races.

Ray Hansen - Treasurer

Treasurer: Ray Hansen MBE

Ray joined the Corps in 1961 and served until 1972.  During this time he served with 158 Pro Coy, Bulford, Ports Pro Coy, Taunton, 200 Pro Coy, Singapore followed by a spell at D & TE as an instructor.  He then moved to Advanced Base British Forces in Belgium from where he transferred to SIB Edinburgh and then SIB Munster.  He left the Corps with the rank of Acting Staff Sergeant.

Ray joined the Metropolitan Police after leaving the Army and served until 1995 when he retired with the rank of Chief Inspector.

Following retirement Ray became involved with Charity work which he still carries out.

Hon. Secretary: Wendy Adam

Wendy is a valued member of the Committee who regularly attends Branch meetings.  She ‘stepped into the breach’ to fill the position of Hon.Secretary when her husband, Allan, took on the role of Branch Chairman

Ron Holroyd - Welfare Officer & Branch Correspondent

Welfare Officer & Branch Correspondent:  Ron Holroyd

Ron was first introduced to the Army as a National Serviceman in February 1951, when he was posted to the Royal Army Service Corps.  He  transferred to the Royal Military Police in March of the same year and carried out his training at Inkerman Barracks as a member of Squad 215 (Instructor, Sgt. Ron Sheldrake).  On completion of training he was posted to 6th Armoured Div. Pro.Coy. where he remained until his demob in February 1953.

On leaving the Corps he joined Middlesex Fire Service for a period of approximately 2 years when he resigned to join British Telecom as a Research Technician.  He retired from this position in 1992.

Ron has been involved with the RMPA for about 20 years and at present serves on the branch committee as the Welfare Officer & Branch Correspondent with the responsibility for overseeing the welfare of Members and  compiling and submitting reports for the Corps Journal.

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